'Twilight' Movie Awards Battle: Jackson Rathbone Picks Sides

Having a hard time trying to figure out who you'd like to win at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? "Breaking Dawn" star Jackson Rathbone is weighing in on his picks for Sunday's big show, and he's sticking with his Cullen brother Robert Pattinson to win it all.

Rathbone is even staunchly Team Edward when it comes to Best Kiss, in which Kristen Stewart is up for getting it on with Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

"How do you decide which is the better kiss: Kris' kiss with Rob or Kris' kiss with [Lautner's] Jacob? Taylor or Rob I guess is what it breaks down to," he told MTV News earlier this week. "I'm gonna have to side with my brother and go with Rob there."

Rathbone even dove into why Bella and Edward's kiss really resonated with him. "What is it about that kiss?" he pondered. "You know, to me, it was ... a long time coming [and] that understanding between two lovers, and I think there's a lot of pent-up sexual aggression there, being young and a vampire."

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