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Name: Blow Rob
Birthdate: October 2, 2009
Location: Swansea, IL


My name is Blow Rob. I'm almost five now, and I am a big fan of Maybe that is because the owner of the site created me, I don’t know, some crazy attraction or something. Anyway, I don’t have many hobbies. I spend most of my time deflated in a box chillin.  I get checked in on a lot. Sheepy likes to stop in and visit and make sure I’m comfortable and don’t need anything. When it’s convention time, that’s when it gets wild. I come alive with a lot of excitement. That’s what I look forward to more then anything! Sheepy gets me out of my box and inflates me and dresses me so cool and takes me to these Twilight Conventions and I am the most popular blow up guy around. All these chicks take pictures of me and with me and next thing you know I am all over the net and Twitter! It’s really cool. So you might see me around sometime. If you do, stop by and say hello! I’m a really laid back guy. I hope to meet my hero Robert Pattinson some day and have a chat and a Heineken.  That’s all I can think of for now. Hope to see you soon!
<3 always,
Blow Rob

Name: Shellie Yale
Location: St. Louis Metro Area
Position at RobNation: Owner
Twitter: @corproratesheep
How I Became A Fan of Rob: Well I actually became a fan by accident. I love vamp movies but when I saw the Twilight previews I rolled my eyes every time. I had no desire to see the movie. I didn't even care to read the books either. I don't like to read. My son (who is now 16) nagggggeeeeddddd me to read the books. Finally, totally unwillingly, I did. I had surgery and had nothing else to do. So I read Twilight and fell in love. I followed with the other 3 books and completed them in a week and a half. I pursued Robert. I have to admit...I was smitten by him as Edward. I started to do research and realized I had seen him in Harry Potter of course. The more research I did, the more I adored him as a person. His wit, his silliness......his everything! So here I am now, three years later, still smitten, lol.
Favorite Rob Quote: "Technically I am driving, but I don't actually know how to drive"
Favorite Rob Film: Little Ashes. His diversity just amazes me!
Tell us something about yourself: I'm a Mom of 2, work part time and spend way too much time collecting Twilight stuff, LOL. I LOVE going to the conventions and meeting new people. I'm a very bouncy person usually. I am very grateful for all of the members of This website was made for all of you so thank you for making it what it is today.

 Name: Nikki Storebo
Age: 30
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Position at RobNation: Co-Owner, Technical Coordinator, Advertising and Marketing, and Resident FanFiction Junkie
Twitter: @rpexaminer
How I Became a Fan of Rob: Harry Potter sparked the flame and Twilight fanned it. The more interviews I watched, the more I fell in love with Rob's personality, charm, and humble nature.
Favorite Rob Quote: "I look like an inflatable frankfurter."
Favorite Rob Film: Remember Me
Interests: Writing, film, art, music, literature, studying the human psyche, disability awareness education and advocacy, baseball, organic and vegetarian cooking, gardening, working out, spending time with family and friends, traveling, self-discovery, living life as if each day is my last, and anything RPattz related.
Tell Us Something About Yourself: I'm a midwest girl in my early 30s with a love of costume jewelry, soy lattes, and farmers markets. Writing is like air to me; I could never exist without it. Fiction is my drug of choice and I have a tendency to spend WAY too much time appreciating pictures of Rob on Facebook. Life is meant for living to the fullest, so drink up, laugh a lot, love with all your heart, and never pass up a chance that comes at you! :) I have no human children, but I do have a cat and a bulldog who are my own version of kids. I also love to travel. It's totally cheesy, but every day I say a silent thanks to Stephenie Meyer, because I've met so many amazing people through the Twilight fandom, and made a lot of great friends along the way. And, of course, thank you to Rob a million times over. It sounds so silly, but your work has brought me some of the best friends and most amazing experiences I've ever had. For that I will forever be indebted to you. :)<3<3 xoxo would like to give a special thanks to @RobsButtonsBabe for her work on the design of the site! She is responsible for the precise look of our template as well as the logo and banners you see on our site! Please take a moment to visit her website for more information on her work and be sure to follow her site on Twitter here! would also like to give a special thanks to @RoseArcadia for creating the amazing affiliate blinkie! Her artistic talent and support are more than appreciated by the team here at RobNation! 

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