*VIDEO* Cannes film festival: short mention of Rob, Cronenberg and Cosmopolis

Happy start of Cannes Film Festival day! There’s been a report on M6 on the 12.45 newspaper edition and they spoke about Cannes and Cosmopolis.

Reporter: No tag problems in Cannes the day before the opening of the famous film festival. The aim for Cannes is to be a kind of showcase for the international cinema. But we must notice that this year the festival is likely to be special.
Man: She’s never been to Cannes before but on this poster, she’ll be the queen this year.
Photographer: She’s gorgeous. When the star will be on the red carpet, we’ll be able to have a reverse shot with Marylin in the background. It’ll be great.
Man: And she’ll see a lot of stars. This 65th edition will be very American: Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman will be on the red carpet for 2 movies, and the so expected Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, a couple off screen , but in Cannes they’ll be in competition since both their fillms have been selected.
Kristen: I think this competition can’t hurt us. And if there’ll be only one winner, it’ll be our film. No, I’m kidding.
(1.08 – 1.25) : they are talking about Marion Cotillard)
Cinema Specialist: On paper, it’s a great festival. Some films are causing a great excitement such as David Cronenberg’s film starring Robert Pattinson,On the Road by Walter Salles. As usual, there’ll be some surprises, some outsiders, people coming from Asia or from Arabian countries. On paper, it’s likely to be a great edition. Last year, she went to present The Artist but this year , she’ll open the festival which promises to attract a wide audience. Nanni Moretti, the jury’s president has just arrived. Red carpet and emotions: all will start tomorrow.

Source: Thinking of Rob 


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