Ovaries Explode: Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson Will Be Starring in the ‘Lost City of Z’ Movie

Charlie Hunnam has just signed on to replace Benedict Cumberbatch due to a scheduling conflict and while we are a Cumberbabe, we are also a BIG fan of Charlie Hunnam.  I’m still pouting that he wasn’t spanking 
me Ana as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades.  Couple 
Jax Tellerumm, I mean, Charlie Hunnam with Robert Pattinson and this happens.

ovary gif
It might be too intense for some.
pregnant gif

I’m not even sure this movie needs sound.
popcorn girls gif

Either way it might cause lots happy ladies in the theaters.
orgasm gif

There are several things that Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam do well together, so I know ‘Lost City of Z’ won’t be any different.  Let me list a couple items that come to mind

1.  They make smoking look extremely sexyCOUGH. YUMMY. COUGH.

I must admit that there were so many hot photos of these two smoking that it was hard to choose the hottest ones.  Share your finds in the comments.  P.S. Don’t smoke kids.  Its not good for you, they just make it look good.

2.  Sexy cologne stars…delicious, just delicious

So sexy that you are buying Dior Homme and Calvin Klien’s Reveal fragrances for your boyfriend, hubby, and squirting strangers.

3.  Biker cutsneedless to say they both could be my bad boy crush.
Make me your biker b!tch, make me your biker b!tch.  Did I just say that out loud?  OH YEAH I did, it’s just something about the leather.

4.  Facial hairyou just want to touch it and have it touch you.

Both Charlie and Robert have sported various degrees of scruff and I like it all.  What scruff do you want in your muff?  Yes, I just took it there. (Sorry hubby and friends that I’m embarrassing.)

5.  Charlie and Robert aren’t shy.


The picture was so exposed that we had to censor it, but never fear curious adult fangirls, lookhere.
Charlie Hunnam was naked in almost every episode of Sons of Anarchy, HALLELUJAH, and Robert Pattinson hasn’t been in a movie without a sex scene, has he?  Let’s just say they have nice backs and backsides.

 I know you all are thanking me right now and…


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